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Breakthrough in energy harvesting could power life on Mars


One of the co-authors of Northumbria’s research, Dr Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar, said: “Carbon dioxide plays a similar role on Mars as water does on Earth. It is a widely available resource which undergoes cyclic phase changes under the natural Martian temperature variations.

“Perhaps future power stations on Mars will exploit such a resource to harvest energy as dry-ice blocks evaporate, or to channel the chemical energy extracted from other carbon-based sources, such as methane gas.Breakthrough in energy harvesting could power life on Mars

Martian colonists could use an innovative new technique to harvest energy from carbon dioxide thanks to research pioneered at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

The technique, which has been proven for the first time by researchers at Northumbria, has been published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.
The research proposes a new kind of engine for producing energy based on the Leidenfrost effect – a phenomenon which happens when a liquid comes into near contact with a surface much hotter than its boiling point. This effect is commonly seen in the way water appears to skitter across the surface of a hot pan, but it also applies to solid carbon dioxide, commonly known as dry ice. Blocks of dry ice are able to levitate above hot surfaces protected by a barrier of evaporated gas vapour. Northumbria’s research proposes using the vapour created by this effect to power an engine. This is the first time the Leidenfrost effect has been adapted as a way of harvesting energy.
The technique has exciting implications for working in extreme and alien environments, such as outer space, where it could be used to make long-term exploration and colonisation sustainable by using naturally occurring solid carbon dioxide as a resource rather than a waste product. If this could be realised, then future missions to Mars, such as those in the news recently, may not need to be ‘one-way’ after all.
Dry ice may not be abundant on Earth, but increasing evidence from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) suggests it may be a naturally occurring resource on Mars as suggested by the seasonal appearance of gullies on the surface of the red planet. If utilised in a Leidenfrost-based engine dry-ice deposits could provide the means to create future power stations on the surface of Mars.

“One thing is certain; our future on other planets depends on our ability to adapt our knowledge to the constraints imposed by strange worlds, and to devise creative ways to exploit natural resources that do not naturally occur here on Earth.”
The team at Northumbria believe one of humanity’s biggest challenges this century will be finding new ways to harvest energy, especially in extreme environments. It was this challenge which led them to develop their proposed Leidenfrost Engine.
Dr Gary Wells, co-author of the paper, explains the unique properties of an engine based on this phenomenon.
He said: “The working principle of a Leidenfrost-based engine is quite distinct from steam-based heat engines; the high-pressure vapour layer creates freely rotating rotors whose energy is converted into power without the need of a bearing, thus conferring the new engine with low-friction properties.”
As well as potentially making long-term space exploration and colonisation more sustainable, the unique, low-friction nature of this engine could have other exciting applications, according to Executive Dean for Engineering and Environment, Professor Glen McHale.
Professor McHale, who also worked on the new research with Dr Wells and Dr Ledesma-Aguilar, said: “This is the starting point of an exciting avenue of research in smart materials engineering. In the future, Leidenfrost-based devices could find applications in wide ranging fields, spanning from frictionless transport to outer space exploration.”


Explore further: Doctoral student explores formation of martian gullies
More information: Gary G. Wells, Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar, Glen McHale & Khellil Sefiane, “A sublimation heat engine,” Nature Communications 6,Article number:6390 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7390
Journal reference: Nature Communications
Provided by Northumbria University




I do not pretend to understand what either Keenan or OPPT are doing. I do respect that there are so many things that must be done, and so many ways of perceiving the world and stages of the Shift to be at in any given moment, that I do not find it my place to tell any of them what they should or should not do.

I’ve always been strongly of the opinion that money is the defining mindframe of the kali yuga, of the cabal/illuminati control of humanity;the linchpin in the structure of power-over and control.

It does not, imho, matter WHAT you do with money as long as you are engaging with that mindframe and the structures designed within that mindframe, you are feeding the beast you are trying to kill.

Freedom does not require money, or memos, legal documents or courtesy notices. Freedom is inside of you and not outside.

Even after colonization for hundreds of years, after seemingly endless poverty, violence, destruction of our cultures, languages and history, diaspora of our people, and colonization of our very minds and souls(see Catholic church) I have still encountered many more free indigenous people than not.

It is, as a good friend of mine used to say, “in our bones”.

It is not only in our bones tho-it is in everyones bones, if only they would notice it, pay attention to it, use it.

Because as soon as ENOUGH of us recognize, act on and LIVE the reality of the freedom that is always with us, then more and more physical signs of outer freedom will be apparent.

One of my favorite things right now is Audre Lourde’s saying “You cannot tear down the Master’s house using the Master’s tools”.

I struggled for literally two decades to truly understand and *get* what she was talking about. Those words were the genesis of my intellectual journey toward decolonizing my mind.

Money is the Master’s tool, and it is not only his tool, it is the bricks and mortar, the two by fours and roofing shingles that make up his house.

You cannot tear down the house with say a hammer, so you throw that hammer aside saying-this will take forever! These master’s tools don’t work for me, I’m going to use God’s tools and you set that house on fire and it burns down.

Watching the flames you don’t notice the master has picked up the hammer and come up behind you-beating you in the head til you are dead.

What I *think* Keenan is trying to do is to take the master’s hammer and throw it down the well. He is using the master’s tools to keep the master from using them-at least that is what I *think*. Like I said before, I honestly do not understand what either Keenan or OPPT are really doing.

If it helps keep the cabals from using their money to kill us off as we abandon their destructive structures and the miserable mindframe they were created within, then it’s all good.

But the root of our freedom is in abandoning the structures of control, not taking them “back” (which tends to lead, as Orwell showed us in Animal Farm, to much more of the same)

Legal documents, memos and announcements are, like money, the tools of the cabal, the structures of control.

WE ARE FREE already, we always have been. Even while they were killing us by the millions (150 million indigenous killed in the last 500 years just in the Western Hemisphere)

That is the heart of the old saying “Its a good day to die” because going out to fight them, knowing death was certain was a choice of free people. They can kill you but they can never take away your freedom.

It is the FEAR that keeps us under control, enslaved, struggling. We may fear death, or harm to those we love, or suffering, starvation, homelessness-but whatever we fear, it is the fear that keeps us under control, keeps us from recognizing and using our innate, essential freedom to create the world we want.

People think that currency revalues, global accounts, St Germaine’s money etc will make them “FREE” but it can’t. It is a trick only.

Do we NEED the global accounts to release suppressed technology, to green the deserts, feed the people? NO!

RIGHT NOW there are tools, plans and people able to do all those things. The only thing stopping it is not enough people participating.

Money would help speed the release of suppressed tech, it would help us make things happen faster by moving resources more quickly but we CAN do everything we need to using only our own innate power, the power to choose, to act and to work together. The power to think creatively, to use others creativity and build on it.

Wangaari Maathai started an organization in Kenya to empower women, feed people and reverse environmental destruction and desertification. She did not have financial backing, she had LOVE. She had connections with other women, and the ability to make more-and of those other women to make connections. They changed the world for the better and are still doing so-and yes when they get more money they can do more and faster, but they did not WAIT for someone to “Release a FUND” in order to use their innate freedom to make their world better RIGHT NOW.

I’m just going to type these as a list, you can look them up by which interest you most-and see that what I described above with one woman in Kenya is true over and over again across this Earth: Permaculture, Masanobo Fukuoka, Vaclav Havel, Vandana Shiva, Taiake Alfred, Evo Morales, Zapatistas. Adbusters, Buckminster Fuller, ReClaiming, Circle Justice,Non-violent Communication/NVC, Miki Kashtan, Occupy, Yes!Magazine, Time Banks, Ithaca HOURS, Velcrow Ripper, Freecycle, Transition Towns, Relocalization, CSA’s, Boston Women’s Health Collective…there are hundreds more but each of these will lead you to more-some like Yes! will lead you to MANY more.

The problems on Earth are not big monolithic structures(tho those keep them in place) they are individual, localized and direct. We are able to address each localized expression of what we perceive as huge problems, directly in that localized field of action by local people engaging with the problem in it’s specific local form and resolving it.

Each time we do this it affects the morphogenetic field of that problem making it easier to resolve everywhere else. When local people use their innate strengths, creativity, wisdom, knowledge about the local environment, culture, people and conditions to resolve local expressions of “large global” problems, they not only improve their own lives, and affect the morphogenetic field of the problem-they gain from having solved the problem and are then more confident in their own power and freedom. Solving one problem often leads to solving many more.

We can share across boundaries and help one another, we can share solutions, ideas and even the work involved (like a global barn-raising;-) but there is no need for a central money based solution institution like The World Bank or the UN-we’ve seen how well those well intentioned solutions have worked over the last 60 years.

The fact is the ONLY thing holding us back is our own belief in our powerlessness. When we come together and act upon our visions using creativity, collective effort and determination(and often prayer and ritual as well) we are unstoppable.

So as much as I do respect and appreciate the efforts of Mr Keenan, the folks at OPPT who are sincere, and all the other money based efforts at change, I do not believe they are the only path, or even a necessary path for most of us. If Mr Keenan can take away the cabal’s funding for drones, chemtrails, endless war and the rest of their nasty tricks then he will indeed be a hero-but even if the people he is working for do turn out to be the “pigs that are MORE equal than others” (as Mr Orwell once explained it in Animal Farm)we will still remake our Earth into the world we want to see.

It may take longer, it may be harder, but every day more and more people are waking up. The Shift, according to the science in The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock, is inevitable. It is physics, and will continue no matter what anyone does, we only make it easier on ourselves by going with the flow as a species instead of fighting it.

The power to create positive change is within us ALL, every single one. Every one on Earth IS ALREADY FREE. Even those who are still suffering greatly-I live in a bed and am limited ridiculously on a physical level, but I know I am free. They can kill me, they can make me sick, do all sorts of unpleasantness, but they CANNOT take my freedom if I do not choose to give it away.

When enough of us recognize that essential truth, the cabal will fall no matter where the money is.

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The Power of Sex Inelia Benz

During my preparatory work for the Sex, Love and SoulMates Talks which start March 21st 2013, I remembered something that happened in the early 1990s.

While I was in college, at Dublin City University, I was at a lecture being given by a world leader in sociolinguistics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language is used, and the effects of language use on society

During this lecture, he was talking about how rape had nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or even sexual desire, but all about power. How one person was basically physically bulling another and forcing the other person to submit physically, so that the perpetrator could feel powerful). As this lecturer was a world respected leader in his field, extremely intelligent, and a formal government “expert” who was a key decision taker on laws and guidelines for the country, his view was more than just a personal opinion.

Half way through this lecture, I put up my hand, something unheard of during his lectures. When he saw that my hand was up, he immediately asked me what it was I wanted to ask or say. My response was very short and in the nature of:

“Of course it’s about sex, sexual desire, sexual energy, sexual power, and sexual dominance. Otherwise their genitals would not be in the equation. To say it has nothing to do with sex, when it is the sexual organs that are being violated, or used to violate in many cases, is ignoring the elephant in the room, it’s a way to make it ‘comfortable’, as we don’t talk about sex in Ireland. I would have to disagree with you, and say that although rape is about power, it is also all about sex.”

The lecturer went into a huge defensive monologue for the rest of the lecture. To which I did not respond in any way or form, except by staying wide open to what he was saying, without judgment, to see if he was indeed right.

On his next lecture, he began by reminding everyone about the statement I had made the previous week, and how he had defended his own position on the matter. He then said words in the nature of, “I was wrong. Rape is completely related to sex. Yes, it is about power, but to separate sex from rape is not possible.”

By the end of the year, this change in view had been reflected in Irish governmental documents and formal policy reviews.

The reason I am sharing this story at a public level, is to express something, an awareness, a view, that was in fact missing from both of our viewpoints at the time, and it is so obvious, and so talked about, that most of us take is as a norm, but often don’t even see it.

Power of SexSex is Power.

When we think of power, in the western world, we immediately think of power over others.

When we think Sex is Power, we often think of a woman holding this power to further her own agendas, for others to use the sexual power of women to sell cars, clothes, and everything else that can be sold.

We might think of a history lesson where we learned that women stopped a war by withholding sex from their men. There is more than one example of this.

Throughout the few thousands years we have lived through, women’s power has been equated with their Sex. Not gender, but their sexual organs.

So, why is Sex so Powerful?

The answer is very much related to the energy centers (at a chi level) of the physical body. It is related to the bringing forth of a new soul into the 3D, and also the creation of a physical body for that soul to incarnate into.

However, before concluding that they are powerful because they are there solely to bring forth new souls and bodies, think that perhaps the organs were placed in the powerful location to facilitate the bringing in of new souls and bodies. That the power center was there to begin with, and something else was placed there to take advantage of it.

Basically, the aim of this article is to start you looking at the construct behind Sex. To see its Power as independent from Sex. And also look at the possibility that EVERYTHING we think and “know” about Sex is simply an external program designed to have a particular response in us.

Imagine, for a minute, if all those programs were gone, and the Power (chi) was free from any programs or roles, or predesignated jobs. What would happen?

Some of these programs, which really are not related to sex, but we think they are, have to do with:


Being loved


Being touched

Soul Mates

Power over others


Self worth

…. the list goes on and on… and on.

As we move into the New Paradigm, by creating the 5D, our awareness of this source of Power (chi) and all it’s constructs, programs, belief systems, uses, abuses and capacities, needs to expand. We can do that when we feel “safe” to do so. We begin by processing all our fears around Sex, Power, and the Power of Sex. Make a list today, and start that processing!

Another thing we can do, is simply to have the intention to “look” at this topic within our own lives.

Until next time!

Inelia Benz

Note: If you are interested in exploring these topics more, I am giving an intensive series of talks starting March 21st 2013, on Love, Sex and SoulMates in the New Paradigm. Click here for more information.