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And the Fire Keepers Shall Lead Us

I was feeling overwhelmed with worry for all those facing danger in Canada, but this reminded me that crisis and opportunity come together in the I Ching and in life. We may face dangers but we are equal to it;my friends who are standing up to the immensely well armed and not-quite-sane colonial government are MORE powerful than it and it’s minions because they act from their hearts which are rooted in this Earth and in the generations before and those to come. The colonizer is rooted only in the ephemeral and unreal idea of “power over” of control thru violence, of taking, of profit-which only appears powerful.

I was raised with a spirituality of action, a spirituality that was deeply rooted in ties to the land, the ancestors and the coming generations and our responsibilities to act for them as well as ourselves. This article brought back a feeling of awe I always had as a child with the indigenous women activists, my Mom and friends, where I could see and feel the Goddess in them. These Mothers had, knew, and understood their connection to The Mother, to the Earth and the Grandmothers and I could *feel* it when they gathered to act.

Recalling that feeling was the counter, the anti-venom I needed against the fear of a repeat of Oka or worse. When so many like Lucia Rene pointed out that now is the return of the Goddess, of the Divine Feminine, I didn’t immediately make the connection that She is going to manifest THRU US and our actions.

When I read the end of this I actually felt chills run down my spine, and all the lingering fears evaporated.
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And the Fire Keepers Shall Lead Us

This is about an epic moment in world history, begun with one small spark. If we are true, our generations
will thank us.

I understand the frustration many people feel regarding the Harper government’s antagonistic and destructive practices regarding the Indian Act, Environmental Protections and Treaty Relationships. I feel it, too.

But any substantial change won’t come from the government, it will come from those who elect the government.

If you are angry and demanding, or disruptive of the general public’s lives in a negative way, you have already lost.

Instead, reach out. Be patient and calm.

Find common ground.

We are all affected by these sweeping changes and that must be articulated clearly. In this, we are all allies.

Instead of demanding rights, work toward that which is right. The fairness and honouring of Treaties you seek will follow.

Involve your fellow Canadian, American, your fellow World Citizen. They are good. They are helpers. Don’t let the horrible and sometimes racist remarks in online comments sections cloud your vision. Most people are good people. That’s just the truth.

And they want to do good things, they just don’t always know how. They don’t want to tread where they are not welcome.

Help them feel welcome. Make friends. Be giving, forgiving and kind.

Anger hasn’t worked the past 100 years. All victories have been legal victories: talking things out.

Take a stand, join a rally, be heard.

But remember: to be respected, you must respect first.

Now, I know, that’s a tough pill to swallow for people who have faced disrespect in every corner. As if I don’t know. I’ve been detained, arrested, profiled, faced racism and prejudice too.

Don’t let life intimidate you from doing the right thing.

Always do the right thing. Even if you miss the mark, get back up and try.

The difference I see about these recent actions, about Idle No More, and Theresa Spence (who is on Day 6 of her hunger strike at the time I write this), and all the great women leaders who are taking the time to educate all of us is this:

It is the women who are standing up. It’s the women who are leading.

The Fire Keepers are rising.

They are reminding us of who we are, of what civilization and culture mean.

They are directing our energy in positive ways.

They are reminding us of the Great Law of Peace.

Follow their lead.

hai hai.


If you are wondering what happens Dec 21, 2012, it’s the start of a Global Awakening led by Canada’s Indigenous and all willing partners. A New World in the New World. The prophecy of the South meeting the Prophecy of the North.

The Eagle and the Condor.

The beginning of the 8th Fire.