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BREAKING: Dangerous San Onofre reactors PERMANENTLY shut down

More good news on the moving away from dangerous fuels and toward a sustainable planet front!

The news just broke this morning: after years of fighting toe-to-toe with the billion dollar nuclear industry, WE WON!

Southern California Edison, the utility that operates the damaged San Onofre nuclear plant, has given up, saying it’s not economically feasible to continue trying to repair the crippled reactors.

The reactors were shut down over 18 months ago after the failure of newly installed steam generators caused a radiation leak.

This is tremendous news for the people of Southern California — and also for the country as a whole. It’s another example of the failed promise of dirty and dangerous nuclear power, and it clears the way for a transition to a clean and safe energy economy based on the sun and wind.

Thanks for standing with us,
Damon, Shaun and Kendra,
Climate and energy program,
Friends of the Earth

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