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NorthPointAstrology JournalYour Guide to Planetary Energies forSeptember 2 to 8, 2013By Pam Younghans


Today‘s photo: Auroras over Luleå, Sweden on August 30, 2013 (photo by Oskar Pettersson, posted onSpaceweather.com)

OUR ASTROLOGICAL HIGHLIGHT this first week of September is the New Moon in Virgo, exact September 5 (Thursday) at 4:36am PDT. A New Moon sets the themes for the new lunar month, and provides specific insights into how we can best utilize the next two weeks, until the Full Moon on September 19.

The most important aspect in the lunation chart is an opposition between the New Moon and Chiron. Chiron is currently in Pisces, requiring us to acknowledge and heal the fears we may have around issues of trust, faith and allowing.

AS HUMANS living in a physical world, most of us have learned to be very “Virgo-like” in how we handle our lives. Virgo believes in the ability to control events through careful planning and close attention to details, through figuring out step-by-step processes and following those steps precisely. This approach can be very useful for getting things done — but it doesn’t contain everything that is needed for successful living.

To prove this point, we all have times and situations in our lives where we are not able to control what occurs, no matter how hard we try. Through these experiences, we learn that in addition to having Virgo’s practical skills, we must also develop Pisces’ qualities of faith, trust, accepting and allowing.

But, even though the words themselves make it sound like it should be easy, “accepting” and “allowing” are often very difficult to do.

CHIRON’S OPPOSITION to the New Moon is a strong reminder of the importance of “being” (a Pisces trait) in a world where there is so much emphasis on “doing” (a Virgo trait). And, like most oppositions, the lesson has to do with finding a balance between the two polarities, rather than choosing one behavior as being better than the other.

To get to that place of balance, however, Chiron tells us that we must take another step in self-healing. It is not enough just to close our eyes and pray as a way to “make it through” a rough time — we are asked, with this New Moon, to love (and therefore heal) the aspect of ourselves that is fearful and doesn’t know how to trust that Everything Will Be OK.

As we express love and understanding for that wounded child aspect of self, our hearts expand. This expansion enables us to accept more fully the Piscean concepts of acceptance and allowing, and provides a touchstone for us to remember as we go through our days.

ANOTHER QUALITY we are being asked to develop in this lunar cycle relates to the process by which we create. In the “old days” of creative visualization, we were instructed first to do something very Virgoan — discern what we wanted with clarity and focus on that outcome. We were also then to use the Piscean qualities of trust and allowing as a tool for “attracting” the desired outcome to us.

Our understanding of how to use creative power is changing now. The revised prescription still uses both qualities of both Virgo and Pisces, but in different order.

AS THE FIRST STEP of this revised creative process, we use the Piscean abilities to Sense. We quiet our physical senses and utilize another level of awareness to gain an intuitive knowing of what energies are afoot.

Then, like the kayaker paddling through white water, or the surfer calculating the right moment to engage the energy of a wave, we use the Virgoan skills of discernment and proper timing to move into the energy field before us. But we also continue to use our Pisces qualities to sense, moment by moment, where the energy field is opening and where it is blocked, in the direction we have chosen.

WE WILL HAVE many opportunities to test out this new way to create in the days ahead. Our New Moon on Thursday tells us that it is time to learn the new skills required, and provides the opposition to Chiron so that we will become aware of where we are fearful of trusting a creative process that merges our consciousness with the unseen.

If we choose to participate at this level, our sensitivity to the energy field around us will grow as the Moon waxes over the next two weeks. Then, by the time of the Pisces Full Moon on September 19, we will be well on our way to living at a new level of cooperation with and awareness of energies that are invisible to our physical eyes.