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The Oracle Report Saturday, September 28 – Sunday, September 29, 2013



Third Quarter Moon Phase: realignment, revision, responsibility

Moon: Saturday – Cancer; Sunday – Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi)

Say hello toCassie, wise owl and long-time Oracle Report reader Jeanne’s beautiful dog. Cassie makes her debut this weekend because Saturday’s energy carries qualities that are very much like dog energy (also called “medicine,” “teaching,” or “instruction”). Loyalty, companionship, nurturance, guidance, forgiveness, and play are in order Saturday.

Dog energy also leads people out of the Underworld. This is appropriate as we head toward the New Moon in Libra on October 4 with the Sabian symbol of “miners emerging from a deep coalmine.” It’s time to leave behind the toil and struggle of dark psychological confinement and move into fresh air. Dog energy shows us the way. Find a way to have fun and you’ll be in dog energy.

Sunday’s energy requires us to take time to consciously reconnect with our inner flame – our homefire – in order to stabilize any imbalances. We want to burn off any lingering or residual thoughts and feelings that relate to feeling lonely or victimized. Remember that everyone’s core fear is being triggered and that the root cause of all fears is the feeling of annihilation/separation from Spirit. We are never, ever separated from Spirit. No one is alone. The Aeon Sophia, embodied as planet Earth, is speaking to everyone via her emissary Shodashi, the Wisdom Goddess Who Fulfills Highest Desires and the Destroyer of the Demiurge (chief Archon). Shodashi is like a blazing fire waiting for you at home. She is the heavy blanket that drapes across you, buffering you from the elements. We know her when we dream a bigger dream.

The Sun is moving into range to join Jupiter, the Black Moon, Uranus, and Pluto in symphony. We just saw what happened on Friday when the Moon moved into range. Now our very quiet Sun brings themes of wisdom and empowerment to the volatile composition. This mighty orchestration enables us to understand. The Sun will be aspecting these planets over the next four days.

Shodashi still maintains her steady, driving beats and will be with us through at least Monday. I say this performance deserves a standing ovation showered with flowers. What could we do to show our love and appreciation for the blessings bestowed this month that have changed the course of our lives? It may not be showing just yet, but it will. It’s a good idea now to think about how you’d like to say thanks.