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Stair steps again

I received this as an email “forward”, so I’m not sure how to attribute it but if I find out who created it I will edit this post to credit them.

I’ve always admired Denise le Fey’s ability to explain things so we can all understand certain complex concepts about the ongoing Shift and “ascension”.

Prior to reading her blog I was still sort of “on the fence” about the new age concept of “ascension”. I have been aware of and involved in the Shift or ending of one world age, birth of the new since I was a child.
To me the Shift is obvious like seasons, or lunar phases; not a woo-woo thing but a very natural process.
I had never heard of ascension except in Catholic church and school in regard to religious figures not as a mass effect.
But Denise le Fey’s discussions of the “stair steps” we are all going through as we evolve, grow, change and release the dross, “issues”and personal limitations, fears etc brought it in line for me as another natural process. The obvious personal manifestation of the larger process of Earth and societal changes.

This set of images inspired me to realize that this Shift/ascension and stair steps we are on are not a race but a journey.

We can make it the hobbits march to Mordor or the tourists trek to view autumn leaves or spring cherry blossoms.

All these steps would work as grueling exercise or as beautiful sight seeing depending on your perspective.

So I had to share these beautiful images and this little inspiration in case any of you might like it too.
The greatest glory is not in never failing,

but in rising up every time we falter.

Being defeated is often a temporary condition.
Giving up is what makes it permanent.

Don’t quit.

Beautiful stairs from
around the world

Take the time to read the captions. Very

01. Staircase at Lello
Bookshop Portugal – This interesting grand staircase in Lello Bookshop
in Portugal stands ominous and heavy. The steps are like two channels
pouring and swirling to a single point. The side view gives you a closer
idea of the immense curves and giddy sinking feeling to each

02. Stairs to the sea, Spain –
This beautiful staircase is located on the island Gastelugache in Spain.
This tiny island in the Bay of Biscay belongs to the municipality of
Bermeo in the Basque Country. Staircase leads to the hermitage, which
was built in the 10th century. Total staircase has 237 steps. It is best
to visit these places in the fall or spring to enjoy the peace and
beauty of the environment. In summer there is usually

03. Mountain in Belgium Buren
Buren Mountain – not a real mountain, and the name of the stairs. It
consists of 374 steps and is located in Liege. The staircase was built
in 1881 to allow the soldiers to go down into the city center to the
hill while avoiding dangerous ways. Stairs aristocrat named for the 15th
century Vincent de Buren, who defended the city of Liege attack Duke of
Burgundy. Almost ruined citadel near Mount Buren was formerly a
stronghold to protect the city. When you climb to the top, you’ll be
rewarded with spectacular views of the city and the river

04. Haiku Stairs in Hawaii –
Haiku Stairs, also known as the stairway to heaven, is a steep hiking
trail on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The trail starts as a wooden
staircase leading to the cliff on the south side of the Valley of Haiku.
The staircase was installed in 1942 to stretch the cable from one side
to the other rocks. This was necessary in order to provide a continuous
link to the naval station at an altitude of about 850 meters. In 2003,
the staircase was restored at a cost of 875,000 dollars in the city. But
due and outstanding issues of land use, the city and county of Honolulu,
said that currently there is no plan to open the stairs for public

05. Bridge over
Traversinertobel – Bridge Traversinertobel staircase through one of the
slopes of the Via Mala, is the latest structure of this type developed
by engineer Dzhyurgom Konzettom and his partner Rolf Bahofnerom. They
solved the problem of connecting two different heights of the gorge,
creating a ladder. Staircase replaces a rope bridge for travelers, which
was destroyed by a landslide. New pedestrian bridge covers a distance of
56 meters in height with a vertical drop of 22 meters between the two

06. Chand
Baori Well, India – Chand Baori structure located in a village near
Jaipur Abaneri, India. The well was built in the year 800, his narrow
3500 steps in 13 floors extend to 30 meters underground. Rajasthan is
extremely arid, because Shand Baori structure was designed to save as
much water. At the bottom of the well remains in the air 6.5 degrees
cooler than at the surface. This place was used as a resting place of
local residents during heatwaves.

07. Universe Cascade Scotland
– Cascade universe located on the hillside along the gardens of Dumfries
in Scotland and consists of a series of steep steps. Large sites with
viewing benches were installed on each flight. You can simply enjoy the
beauty of nature, or relax while lifting. Staircase begins at the pond
and leads to a beautiful pavilion upstairs. Although private gardens,
they open to the public once a year.

08. Stairs Santorini in Greece
– in 1715 island residents have built steep stairs on the steep
hillside, so they could get from the sea to the summit and back. To help
carry cargo and passengers from ships to the city, used donkeys. In
1930, the stairs were improved, and involved more donkeys. Finally, in
1979, was installed ropeway to automate the process – but the most
interesting trip – still walk on a donkey. Zigzag stairs from the sea to
the city paved with stone, and because of the many convolutions of the
distance from one end to the other is 1300 meters. In total there are
657 10-cm steps and climb provides a very good workout on a sunny day.
Santorini has a special place among the sights of

09. Stairs Awaji in Japan –
Awaji Yumebutai (Ladder of Dreams) is a complex of buildings and other
structures located on the island of Awaji in Japan. One set is 100-Awaji
tier garden, consisting of 100 beds and stairs. The complex was built as
a memorial to the Great Hanshin Earthquake (1995). Construction was
carried out on the side of the mountain, which was half demolished in
the early 90s. Its stones were used during the construction of
artificial islands in the Bay of Osaka.

10. Tiger Turtle Stairs
Germany – This sculpture is 21 meters tall and was named Tiger Turtle,
it is located on a hillside in Duisburg, Germany. Steps meander along
the frame of steel in a spiral manner, culminating in a dead loop.
Visitors can climb the ladder in Duisburg, but not in the center of the
loop that allows you to go full circle.

11. Potemkin Stairs in Odessa
– Potemkin Stairs – a giant stairway in Odessa, Ukraine. Ladder consider
formal entrance into the city from the sea, it is the most famous symbol
of Odessa. It was originally known as the ladder Richelieu. The top step
is 12.5 meters wide, and the lowest – 21.7 meters. Ladder height – 27
meters and the length – 142 meters, but because of different widths
above and below creates the illusion of greater

12. Steel Sculpture Art
Germany – is a wonderful peace of art designed by Olafur Eliasson. This
beautiful merging of art and architecture is a 9 meter-high walk-double
spiral of steel in the entrance of the KPMG ( a global accounting firm )
office building in Munich, Germany. The stair is called Umschreibung
(Rewriting), and was completed in 2004.

13. Miraculous Staircase of
USA – This is the miraculous staircase of Saint Joseph at Loretto Chapel
in Santa Fé, New Mexico. U.S.A., which, after 134 years since it was
built in 1878, still confounds architects, engineers, and master
craftsmen in the physics of its construction and remains inexplicable in
view of its baffling design considerations. The unusual helix shaped
spiral staircase has two complete 360° turns, stands 20 feet high up to
the choir loft and has no newel (center pole) to support it as most
circular stairways have. Its entire weight rests solely on its base and
against the choir loft – a mystery that defies all laws of gravity, it
should have crashed to the floor the moment anyone stepped on it, and
yet it is still in use daily for over a hundred years. The risers of the
33 steps are all of the same height. Made of an apparently extinct wood
species, it was constructed with only square wooden pegs without glue or
nails. At the time it was built, the stairway had no banisters. These
were added 10 years later in 1888 by Phillip A. Hesch at the Sisters’

14. Moses Bridge Netherlands –
In the early 17th century Fort de Ruver was surrounded by a moat and was
originally built without a bridge. But during a recent restoration
program has necessitated the construction of the bridge. Out of respect
to the original fort insular status Dutch company RO AD Architecten
built ladder bridge Moses. Get the original “sunken” bridge literally
merges with the water line. As a result, almost invisible bridge
partially submerged pedestrian moat. Originally protective zone was
flooded with water deep enough to impede the enemy advance, was still
shallow enough to prevent effective use of

15. Spiral Staircase China –
Stairs height 91.5 meters installed along the mountainside in Tyayhan
Linchzhou, China. It offers the thrill of climbing without any danger.
Hike up the stairs does not require additional training and equipment.
Here you will feel the full force of the wind, the birds will fly past,
and steps will creak. It’s much more interesting than the rise in the
elevator. However, due to issues of safety and health, you must agree to
a number of conditions. Climbers must be under 60 years of age and must
complete a form confirming that they have no problems with the heart or

16. Stairs in Austria
Schlossberg – Graz main attraction – Schlossberg (Clock Tower). It
stands proudly and is visible from all points in the city. Tourists and
locals climb to the top to enjoy the incredible views of Graz and the
surrounding area. Stairs Schlossberg is located at the far end
Shlossbergplatts. An impressive staircase carved into the rock and leads
to the top of the hill to the clock tower. 260 steps of stairs is not
very difficult to climb, but anyone can use a

17. The 16th Avenue Steps, San
Francisco – At the corner of Moraga Street and 16th Avenue, in the
Golden Gate Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, is the base of the
most beautiful staircase in the entire city. A brightly-tiled panel caps
the front of each of the staircase’s 163 steps, and as the stairs
stretch up the hill toward 15th Avenue, the individual panels blend
together to form a single massive mosaic. Stunning in its entirety, yet
intricate and detailed enough to offer bountiful rewards when viewed up
close, the 16th Avenue steps are a treasure shared by the people living
in the Sunset District.

18. Steps in Canyon – This
famous staircase in the Canyon is located near the waterfall Pailon del
Diablo in Ecuador. Pailon del Diablo – quite a large waterfall in the
distance just 30 minutes from the city of Banos in Ecuador. This is one
of the most popular attractions in the area. Visiting Ecuador, certainly
conquer this unique descent