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The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit…


This dream, from 6:59 am on Friday, April 19, 2013, is one of a series I have had that suggest a very major cluster of events is about to occur.

I was specifically asked to do as much as I could to prepare for it — before the event cluster itself actually hits.

The event cluster was depicted as lightning — in the form of an onrushing storm.
(this is a tiny excerpt of the post which you can read in full on David’s site, at the link below

http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1125-disclosure-storm )

If you are feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the negative news, the violence, the Orwellian level of lies in the media and the day to day frustrations of living in a world run by insane greedy people-then definitely click the link and read this.

David Wilcock has done enormous amounts of research and knows more than most of us about the secret nastiness behind the obvious nastiness-and yet he is so positive, and upbeat-even breathlessly excited about the future! His articles are always a welcome antidote to the seemingly endless drumbeat of fear and suffering we are fed thru mainstream media(and other people who watch it, for those of us who don’t).

The cool thing is, he IS often right so it’s not just a fake cheer to feel better, reading his work is a chance to re-calibrate our reality filter to a more positive and accurate setting.