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The Hidden Real Reason for the Bombing and Invasion of Gaza

I just received this from a friend. I’m not surprised by the kidnappers/murderers NOT being Palestinian, nor by the natural gas being the cause of violence against indigenous people-we see this constantly in North, Central and South America.

I just hope those who ARE surprised will do the research to become more aware and then ACT on that awareness.

Violence and racism against indigenous peoples from Africa to the Americas to Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq, Australia(East Timor!) and Tibet has ALWAYS been rooted in this greed for resources.

Please keep the people in all of these myriad conflicts and violence in your prayers. Greed may arise endlessly in the colonized, but Love and prayer have power far beyond the small power of violence and murder.



“On July 7, 2014 Israel began
a massive assault on the Gaza
strip of Palestine. In the first
week alone Israel dropped over
400 tons of bombs, killing over
130 Palestinians. Most were
civilians, about half of them were
women and children. By the time
you are watching the the number
will be higher.

“Israel’s official justification for
this wholesale slaughter: the
murder of three Israeli teenagers
which Israel blames on Hamas.
That’s not the real reason. First of
all, Israel has not produced one
single piece of evidence implicating
Hamas or even a Palestinian in the
murders, and in fact the the
evidence we do have indicates that
that murderers were Israeli. You
see on Tuesday July 1st, The
Jerusalem Post released the audio
of the kidnapped teen’s distress call
to police, and in that call the
kidnappers can be heard telling the
boys to put their heads down in
HEBREW. According to the Jerusalem
Post, prior to being leaked to the
public this audio was being held
under a gag order by the Israeli

“So why is Israel really attacking
Gaza? It’s not about self defense
and it’s obviously not about
avenging those three teenagers.
Those are just cover stories for
the naive. What this is really
about is natural gas.

“It turns out that Gaza has quite
a bit of natural gas on its coastline.
One of the largest sources in the
region. British Gas, which holds a
joint exploration agreement for the
area estimates that the fields hold
at least 1 trillion cubic feet of gas.
That gas belongs to the Palestinian
people and they should be the ones
to benefit from it. Israel disagrees.

“After the death of Yasser Arafat,
under questionable circumstances,
Israel has controlled those fields,
and British Gas has negotiated with
Tel Aviv.

“With power divided between the
Palestinian Authority and Hamas,
the Palestinians have been too
weak to put up any meaningful,
resistance and Israel would like to
keep it that way. The Unity
Government between Hamas and
the Palestinian Authority threatens
Israel’s control of those fields, and
as such it has to be destroyed.

“It’s pretty basic really. These are
the real motives of all wars:
resources, territory and power.
They’ll always come up with an
excuse, and it’s easy to fall for them
if you don’t do your research, but
there’s also a really easy way
to avoid getting duped: always
stand against wars of aggression.
Period. Make it a matter of
principle, and the facts and
morality will always end up

being on your side.

“And speaking of morality,
even if those teenagers had
been killed by Hamas, what
kind of psychopath thinks that
this gives Israel the right to
go and kill over a hundred
people who had nothing to do
with it? We’re talking about
little kids here.

“I’m not going to show you the
pictures of the dead or dying
children here in this video, but
I have looked at them, and as a

father it’s almost unbearable to

If hearing about those bombs falling
doesn’t phase you emotionally, if
this is just a political debate for you,
then go look at the pictures (these
for example). You have no right to
defend what Israel is doing, if you
don’t have the courage to even
glance at the consequences.

“And anyone who would
justify these crimes after
seeing the civilian casualties
should be ashamed of

“The bombing heavily
populated residential areas
is a war crime, and the US
government is funding it
with your tax dollars. That’s
right. Israel receives over 3
billion dollars in foreign aid
from the US each year.

“Of course it’s no accident that
you’ve never had face what’s
being done to the Palestinian’s
in your name. If you turn on the
mainstream media at any point
during this crisis all you’ll see is
constant stream of reports
focusing on the Palestinian
rockets being fired in response.
These reports conveniently fail
to mention that as of yet these
primitive rockets have not killed
one single Israeli.

“The Obama administration is
also running with this artificial

“But the rockets, the rockets!
Let’s all bring this back to the
puny homemade rockets that
the Palestinians are launching
out of desperation and frame
this as a question of Israel’s

Video (under 10 minutes):

The Gaza Bombardment: What You’re Not Being Told


– Alexandra

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