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The manuscript of survival – part 325 by Aisha North


Liberation is at hand dear ones, as one by one you will step into the divine truth that is YOU. We know this will be small consolation for all of those struggling in the depths of despair, seemingly unable to free themselves from a veritable morass of old drama and dross. But as many have testified to already, suddenly it will be like when the suns rays pierces through the darkest and densest of clouds, and just like that, the raging storm dissipates, and you will see a brand new world standing before you. And the reason for this, is that you will see a brand new YOU standing within you, a you that has shed every last vestige of the old and contaminated skin that was restricting your every move. And you will laugh in joy at the ease of it all, for when the last piece of the puzzle clicks into place, it will transform the whole image into something that is so far removed from your old image of yourself you will find yourself laughing with relief.

For then you will see every battle and all the struggle for what it really was, just a step on the path towards enlightenment. Not as a punishment in any way, for that is what it feels like when you are still stuck within this old skin of third density awareness. And remember, the reason that this skin feels even more itchy and uncomfortable and even downright painful at the moment, is that the YOU you carry inside has started to grow at a rapid rate. And so, the old confines will feel more and more like a security prison, where you are locked into a space that becomes ever more claustrophobic by the day.

So again we say breathe, and even if your space by this time might feel so restricted it is as if you can hardly draw your breath at all, we still urge you to try to go beyond this feeling of asphyxiation and try to connect with that space you have already cleared within. For if you do that, if you do connect within, you will all find at least one small pocket of expansion where you can catch your breath. And again we say, that is also the only way to break through this dense outer layer. Not by using yourself as a ramrod, bashing yourself again and again against this brick wall of drama and turmoil. No, it is only by going within and connecting with this liberated space you do have inside that you can make that thick outer armour literally crumble to dust. This will not be easy, for your very instincts will tell you to break free by tearing at the wall. But try to fight that instinct by not fighting it, but by sitting down and surrender to yourself, the true self that is at ease already within you.

We know our messages will seem to be repetitious at the moment, but we see where so many of you are at this stage. For you literally on the verge of breaking through by doing just what we have told you to do. So stop the fight that will only serve to leave you even more bloody and ravaged, and surrender to the wisdom of your own Self that you carry within. And then, you will once more be able to bear witness to the truth that when you do, the sun will come out and you too will start to shine away the stormclouds that seems to have stationed themselves permanently around your very being.