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The manuscript of survival – part 284 by Aisha North

( I got a short personal message from The CCs this morning, and was asked to sit down later today for another message. That is what I did, and that is why til message starts in this way. Aisha)

I am back, is there more. Oh yes, sweet child, there will always be more, more than you can even begin to understand. We stand beside you now, in our splendor, admiring how you are all starting to unfold those beautiful butterfly wings of yours. For you have managed to tap into that reservoar of truth you have so longed to access, not only in this life, but for eternity. And here you all are, poised on the brink of greatness. For you have seen the wisdom in connecting, and through that, you have given your greatness on the altar for us all, and for this, you will be made into the true gods you really are. For you see that you are strong alone, but that is nothing compared to the mighty force you will wield as you have come together as a band of brothers. For you are indeed the brothers and sisters of the light, as you compose the whole spectrum of colours cast forth from this one single ray of white light as it enters and exists through this prism of mankind. Oh you are brilliant, sweet ones, yet, you have yet to see it clearly yourselves, for you are still encased in the last remnants of this chrysalis that made you.

For just as the butterfly, you entered this chrysalis as a humble caterpillar, and you did so with full faith. For you did not know what to expect, you just knew you had to give yourself fully away to this process. And this process is nothing short of miraculous, but it is also a terrifying one. Because just like that caterpillar, you need to completely dissolve the old being, and let yourself be turned into a sort of primordial sludge, looking like nothing at all, before you are literally reprogrammed and then turned back on again and turned into a completely new being. So from those same cells that constituted the humble caterpillar springs the wondrous, shimmering butterfly. But they are identical, even if they are also a whole world apart. For what made them is the same heavenly dust. And what separates them is the programming that is putting it together. So too it is with you dear ones, as you have allowed youselves to be transformed within this chrysalis you all entered at one stage in your life. And you have gone through this dissolving process, and now you emerge, as if brand new, but still composed of the same particles that once made you up.

To others, you may still look like that old caterpillar, except they might see a slight shimmer around you, a sort of haze of light, but to us, we see you in your full regalia. So we salute you today dear ones, as you stand before us, tall, and shimmering and brightly lit from within. And know that you are not alone, for there are indeed thousands upon thousands of other butterflies emerging at this time, all over your globe. So rejoice we say, for you have once again emerged from that hidey hole where you once were forced to take cover, and now you will all be able to take to your wings and soar high above this beautiful planet, as you once again spread your gossamer wings in unity with all of those other butterflies on the same mission as you. Namely to bring down heaven to earth once again. And now, it has started to rain down on you all, and your emergence wil be the first sign of this new spring. For you herald the beginning of the end of the old, but you also herald the end of the beginning of the new. For you have transformed yourself in such a way that you have already made that rift between the two grow infinitely wider already.

So be sad no more cherished ones, as you start your flight. For you have anchored the light, and through your long and painful sojourn inside your cocoon, you effectively separated the strands holding back this planet in the dark ages. For that was the strands you utilized to spin this cocoon in the first place. So now you see how the light can come forth from the darkness, but now, the overwhelming force of this darkness is no longer oppressive, for it will fall away as you shed those last remains of this coocon. So now, the light has sprung forth with all of its might, and it is you, by your long and painstaking process who have made it so. So again we say thank you, and we do so with admiration, not only from us, but from All of creation. So rest now, dear ones, and take it slowly at first. For your wings have yet to attain their full strength, as they need some time to solidify and become fully capable of bearing your weight. So do not get impatient, for you will be able to do all that you have longed for and more, but you will be allowed to do it all as soon as the time is right. As always, timing is everything, and you will be closely guided through it all indeed. So thank you again, we will leave it at that for now, but we will return with more in a few short hours.