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The Oracle Report Monday March 3, 2014


Monday, March 3, 2014
New Moon Phase: begin, initiate, seed, wish
Moon in Aries

As the opening to this month of watery nebulousness continues, today it is powerfully true that things are not always as they seem. Despite what is being shown on the outside or to everyone else, other things are happening inside or behind the scenes.
Issues of worthiness and whether what is being offered is worthy underlies today’s energy. This is due in large part to the Sun making exact conjunction with Chiron today and pressing on our wounds or creating new ones. When Chiron is involved, we need to take care that we are not lingering into self-sabotaging or self-destructive behavior (including thought patterns).

Reversals of many kinds happen under today’s energy. If you experience this, rest assured that all is for the best. The situation is being handled most likely in ways that we have been unable to undertake for ourselves. As with most things today, things are not exactly how they appear, so the reversal or change may not seem beneficial. In may very well feel the exact opposite, but this involves the starry codes of your life, and is part of aligning you with your proper course.

The energies are strong and this report is heavy, but if we use today’s wisdom that more is going on that what seems, we can ride that lovely undercurrent. That current is refreshing. It washes over wounds and heals them. It helps us remember who we really are and what we are really doing on this planet. It reconnects us with our role in the unfolding of human potential. It reminds us that we are characters in a magical story that has entangled its author.

It would be easy to overlook these undercurrents today, but wise owls will stick to them. Remember that there is more than meets the eye today.

(Note: I’ve recorded a new audio and am attempting to get it up on the site.)