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YES! Magazine Highlights 28 November, 2014

The best stories of the week from YES! Magazine: Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

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Police Violence Is Not Inevitable: Four Ways a California Police Chief Connected Cops With Communities

“A critical look at any institution with as much power and authority invested in it as the police is probably a good thing.” READ MORE »

Chris Magnus in Richmond.
Mentally Ill People Often Face Violence From Police—But These Cities Are Trying to Fix That

Crisis Intervention Teams train police officers to understand mental illness without resorting to violence. READ MORE »

Seattle protesters with hands raised yelling "Hands up! Don't shoot!" “I’m Scared to Be a Black Male Walking Down the Street”: Seattle Teens on Why They Skipped School for a #Ferguson March

“We all just left class. As soon as 11:00 came, we stood up and walked out of class. Together as one.” READ MORE »

Photo by Sarah-Ji #Ferguson Thanksgiving: A Former Slave Proposed the Holiday 55 Years Before Lincoln. Why His Version Matters Today

“For some, racial inequality and fear are raw realities every day, and anything inspiring in American history rings false and remote. For others, the call to reflect on injustice feels like a personal accusation. But we are caught in this history together.” READ MORE »

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Angry cook by Shutterstock. Why It’s OK to Be Angry on Thanksgiving

Quite often it is our darker side that illuminates the best part of us, that brings us to where we need to be. READ MORE »

Half-mile meal by Andy King Photo Essay: At a Half-Mile-Long Table, Chefs, Farmers, and Volunteers Feed a Neighborhood for Free

In St. Paul, Minnesota, artist Seitu Jones wanted to start a community-wide conversation about food access and food justice—and where better to talk than over a good meal? READ MORE »

Palestinian prison library. Undercover University: Palestinians Study Up in Israeli Prisons

More than 40 percent of Palestinian males have spent time in Israeli prisons. The schools that operate within are increasingly important. READ MORE »

Activists, union members, and Detroit residents protest the water shutoffs in Detroit. When the City Turned Off Their Water, Detroit Residents and Groups Delivered Help

Grassroots action has backed down the city’s aggressive water shutoffs. READ MORE »




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Yes! Magazine Weekly Highlights November 8, 2013

Grandmothers Leading the Way

Portrait of Katrina Rabeler What’s one radical way to change the world right now? Ask your grandmother. From Joan Southgate, who walked 1,000 miles to trace the Underground Railroad to Moyoni Olive, who became a solar engineer even though she’d never been to school, grandmothers know what’s up. They have deep roots in our communities and the foresight to plan for generations to come. In this YES! Newsletter, we feature grandmothers because we understand that by empowering grandmothers, we empower entire villages.
Katrina Rabeler signature
Katrina Rabeler, editorial intern
Monsanto May Have Won the Battle for I-522, But the Future of Food Is Not Lost

As final results come in for Initiative 522, advocates of GMO labeling are saying we need to change the system, not just the supermarket. READ MORE »

Photo by Kristina Alexanderson
Photo by Nur Hussein Why Is It So Hard to Find Films Where Women Actually Talk to Each Other? How Sweden’s Making It Easier

Four Stockholm cinemas are adopting a system that rates films on how deeply their female characters are developed—and how much they interact. It could radically change the way we see movies. READ MORE »

Courtesy of White House Dear Michelle Obama: If We Want to Curb Childhood Obesity, Sesame Street Is Not Going to Cut It

Can a licensing deal between Sesame Street and the Produce Marketing Association truly improve childhood health? Maybe, but grassroots solutions already exist. READ MORE »

Photo by W.D. Vanlue 21-Day Gratitude Challenge: I’m Grateful I Can Honor the Child I Lost By Being More Open to Love Today

A moving sampling of participants’ reflections from the first two days of the Gratitude Challenge. READ MORE »

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Photo by Global Trade Watch. Hey, NY Times, Want Fairness in Pacific Trade Deal? Then Advocates Must Get Seat at the Table

A recent editorial in the The New York Times argued that the Trans Pacific Partnership should strengthen environmental and labor regulations. But that won’t happen unless we change the process. READ MORE »

Photo by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. Bill de Blasio: A Mayor for the New Economy

New York City’s new mayor has laid out a radically inclusive economic agenda. READ MORE »

How the Voters of One Small County May Have Stopped 48 Million Tons of Coal

In a council election unlike any other in the history of Whatcom County, voters sided with representatives believed to be against a proposed coal export facility. READ MORE »

Bill de Blasio accepts Democratic party nomination for mayor Four Signs that Regular Folks Can Still Win (and One That Shows the Power of Money)

Here are four cases in yesterday’s election where people power won out over corporate interests. And one that went the other way. READ MORE »

Photo by Anons. “Anonymous” Hacktivists to Government: “You Can’t Arrest Us All”

In new video, the hacker collective vows to stand by those targeted by what it deems “corrupt governments.” READ MORE »

Photo by Colbert Show.
Frustrated with Monsanto’s latest triumph over the grassroots movement to label genetically modified foods? Stephen Colbert lets you laugh about it. WATCH »

Madeline Ostrander on Adapting Climate Change

Reader Malagodi writes: “In many places, focusing on adaptation is the prudent thing. But in Miami … low-lying parts will be underwater in a few years, regardless of how much we spend to protect them. Meanwhile, those …” READ MORE »