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Raise Your Vibration Penney Peirce and Lilou Mace

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How to raise personal vibration and why it is essential ? Penney Peirce

By Lilou Mace Apr 3, 201034,784 views169 likes, 8 dislikesAre you aware of your personal vibration as it changes, moment to moment?How well do you manage your increasing sensitivity?Can you raise your physical, emotional, and mental frequency at will?What’s the higher purpose for the collapse of our traditional institutions?Do you sense you’re shifting into a whole new reality—The Intuition Age?Penney Peirce, pioneer in the field of intuition development and author of the groundbreaking classic, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness, now leads us into new, more advanced territory with her latest release: FREQUENCY: The Power of Personal Vibration. Now Peirce moves beyond intuition, helping us achieve an even deeper connection with our body’s natural ultrasensitivity and giving us the means for recognizing and interpreting the guidance we receive via the subtle vibrations all around us.In Frequency, Peirce explores the dynamics of energy, personal resonance, and our accelerating evolution into a totally new reality she calls The Intuition Age. You will learn to free yourself from negative or low vibrations (like suffering, depression, and victim consciousness), to feel your own unique “personal vibration,” and attune it, just as you would a radio station, to the naturally high frequency of your best, innermost self — your soul. By learning to live skillfully in an energy world, you will literally change yourself into a new kind of human being — and experience what is is to become “transparent” or enlightened.http://www.thefrequencybook.com/