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The lies that fools us: A confrontation with the LGBTQI community

I have been devastated recently by feeling forced to choose between my own perspective and the sanctified groupthink. To choose between support for trans individuals and support for womyn’s spaces and issues. I love this author. Her clarity and unapologetic expression of her own well reasoned perspective inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

The DaddiGirl Griot

“When you assume you make an ass out of you and me”, “Your silence will not protect you”, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” and “People see and hear what they want to believe” are the testaments I live by. Hold on to your hats humans because the DaddiGirl Griot is about slay some demons and spill some tea. But first a little background story.

My mother said I turned “butch” at the tender age of four and politely announced that those cute little dresses she’d put me in no longer suited me and interfered with my tomboy lifestyle of playing in the swamp, climbing dirt mounds and wiffle ball. My mother Aurora is a preacher’s daughter and a devout Christian who you might have expected to be horrified by my pronouncement…but my mother was different, ahead of her time, reared by a minister who was…

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Smash the colonial patriarchy. Restore the Indigenous Matriarchy.

The intended audience of this is obviously indigenous. But the fact is, the advice she gives holds true for everyone. Everyone has ancestors who were indigenous *somewhere *. Just because discovering the lifeways, and wisdom of your ancestors is more difficult doesn’t mean you should give up. Colonization and patriarchy are destructive to every living thing on Earth. It’s worth the effort to rediscover your ancestral cultures and traditional lifeways.

indigenous motherhood

Want to smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism?

Smash, destroy, and demolish colonial systems from our lives.

Because ultimately colonial systems are created with the task to uphold, preserve, and maintain the longevity of patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism.

And truthfully, Indigenous systems are the weapons to use to completely smash the patriarchy, destroy misogyny, and demolish sexism from our livelihoods.

The challenge in dislocating ourselves completely from colonial systems and immersing ourselves fully in indigenous is people’s self-made limitations around what that means.

Colonial systems have become a lifeboat for some of our people. There is such a heavy reliance on them for everyday living that it has become almost habitual to live with them. Academia, legal aid, social services, human resource sectors, medical supports, and governmental systems exclusively cater to colonialism, and our people are consistently choosing these systems as their only options for daily life. There…

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Dear Men, This Is Why We’re Tired

So true.

Drifting Through

PicMonkey Image

Emotional labor is unseen. It’s the energy women spend managing other’s feelings and emotions, making people comfortable, or living up to society’s expectations… the barrage of expectations we feel from the time we’re told to be nice and polite while boys are told not to cry. It’s a thing. It’s also a weight carried by some femmes and some men, especially if they’re the main caregiver in the family.

But this is not about that kind of emotional labor.

When I read Cara Delevigne’s account of her harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, I felt every word. When I heard the recording of Ambra Battilana Gutierrez pleading with Harvey Weinstein to let her leave, I felt it in my bones.

In the words these women bravely shared with us, I heard everything they felt. The fear. The confusion. The disbelief. The shame. All of those feelings are a cocktail…

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Against Deep Green Resistance

Thank you for posting this. Even people with no personal interest in DGR should read this for the excellent breakdown of how groups attempting to do good can cloud our understanding of so many issues-if we take their statements unquestionably as fact. Before DGR the book was released I was really looking forward to it. The fact that we need a global resistance movement to counter environmental destruction is self evident. But I couldn’t finish reading the book. It bothered and disturbed me. I was unable to deconstruct it’s problems as this article has done. I just didn’t feel good about it. It seemed lacking in many ways and the focus on hierarchy was to me just laughable.

Occupy and horizontalism are not a cancer-they are imho the first manifestations of the next evolutionary step for humanity. If we mean to survive we will evolve socially, mentally and emotionally into beings comfortable with decentralized, intuitive functioning. Or really rather than evolve just bring back skills and attitudes long buried by colonization. By using things like NVC and working together in trust instead of looking to hierarchy and violence we can turn our global crisis into opportunity. We can use the crisis to end oppression instead of increasing it. But that involves letting go of fear based reasoning.

Even though every man ( including trans women born as men) is *capable* of rape-it does not logically follow that every man is a rapist. Just because white privilege exists does not make every light skinned human a racist. Patriarchy is oppressive and awful but it doesn’t mean all men are to blame.

We are all born into a world that’s a big mess-and we all have to learn and grow and change on the fly as we live. Excluding whole groups of people as unacceptable beings guarantees failure.

It is exactly in learning how to live and work with those who are different from us that we can create solutions. None of which are likely to be top down prescriptions. Like distributed computing in technology, parallel processing creative solutions to global problems through 7 billion biocomputers is much more effective than any 2 or 3 individuals no matter how brilliant.

Warrior Publications

DGR book cover

Warrior Publications note: Get your dictionary, this is some heavy mental material here…

by Michelle Renee Matisons and Aalexander Reid Ross, Institute for Anarchist Studies, August 9, 2015

For a book that advertises itself as a “shift in strategy and tactics,” Deep Green Resistance (DGR) has an overwhelmingly dispiriting tone, and is riddled with contradictions.[1] While DGR provocatively addresses many pressing social and ecological issues, its opportunistic, loose-cannon theoretical approach and highly controversial tactics leaves it emulating right-wing militia rhetoric, with the accompanying hierarchical vanguardism, personality cultism, and reactionary moralism. By providing a negative example, DGR does us the service of compounding issues into one book. Take it as a warning. As we grasp for solutions to multiple and compounding social and ecological crises, quick fixes, dogmatism, and power grabbing may grow as temptations. By reviewing DGR, we are also defending necessary minimal criteria for movements today: inclusivity, democracy…

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Microwave Cinnamon Rolls — 12 Days of Allergy-Free Christmas Recipes Day One

Eating 4 Balance

Day 1 of 12 Days of Allergy-Free Christmas Recipes

Hello and welcome to Day One of the 12 Days of Allergy-Free Christmas Recipes. I am your host, Madison at Eating 4 Balance, and boy have we got a show for you today!

The theme for Day One is breakfast pastries, a very fitting way to begin this round-up as breakfast will be the very first thing you eat come Christmas day.

As part of this post I have collected dozens of breakfast pastry recipes which I will share shortly. Before we do that though, I have created a “new” special recipe to share as well which I am confident you are going to love.

Whether you have food allergies, a special diet, or are just trying to eat healthier, it can be frustrating to come across an amazing looking recipe and then see the serving size. Especially if you are the only one in your family eating a certain…

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Warning From Scientists — Halt Fossil Fuel Burning Fast or Age of Superstorms, 3-20 Foot Sea Level Rise is Coming Soon


First the good news. James Hansen, one of the world’s most recognized climate scientists, along with 13 of his well-decorated fellows believe that there’s a way out of this hothouse mess we’re brewing for ourselves. It’s a point that’s often missed in media reports on their most recent paper — Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise, and Superstorms. A paper that focuses on just two of the very serious troubles we’ll be visiting on ourselves in short order if we don’t heed their advice.

The way out? Reduce global carbon emissions by 6% each year and manage the biosphere such that it draws carbon down to 350 ppm levels or below through the early 22nd Century. To Hansen and colleagues this involves a scaling carbon fee and dividend or a similarly ramping carbon tax to rapidly dis-incentivize carbon use on a global scale. Do that and we might be relatively…

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fragments of an anarchist anthropology


Why are there so few anarchists in the academy?  That’s the opening question in David Graeber’s book (free pdf) Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology.  Check it out.

Here are the opening two paragraphs:

What follows are a series of thoughts, sketches of potential theories, and tiny manifestos—all meant to offer a glimpse at the outline of a body of radical theory that does not actually exist, though it might possibly exist at some point in the future.

Since there are very good reasons why an anarchist anthropology really ought to exist, we might start by asking why one doesn’t—or, for that matter, why an anarchist sociology doesn’t exist, or an anarchist economics, anarchist literary theory, or anarchist political science.

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Illinois Does It Again – Arrests Two For Internet Harassment

I am so glad to see the enforcement tide turning in these stalking and harassment cases. Criminals think using different handles and accounts allows them freedom to bully others but everything is tracked and stored. They can’t hide. No longer does a victim’s race, class, gender or sexual orientation provide a free pass to harass.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

cyber-harassment-provocationIn November 2014, we reported on the case of Steven and Joseph Rusinowski versus Robert DiDomenico. It was a case of cyberharassment gone wild. The case was originally filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County and on July 15, 2011, transferred to the federal district court for the Northern District of Illinois.   On October 2, 2014, the jury returned a verdict in favor of  Rusinowski and against DiDomenico, awarding Rusinowski $50,000.

One of the most important rulings in that case caught the attention of attorneys. The judge ruled that Illinois has long arm jurisdiction that applies to electronic harassment. That means that those who harass citizens of Illinois over the internet and/or telephone, no matter where the perpetrator lives, will have to defend in Illinois.

Brandon Wilson Brandon Wilson

In February of this year, we reported on Brandon Wilson of Las Vegas, Nevada, who hacked, harassed, and pulled pranks over…

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Florida Sea Level

Open Mind

Since I am not an employee of the Florida state government under their science-denying governor Rick Scott, I’m allowed to say the following phrases: “climate change” and “global warming.”

I’m also able to mention those topics when discussing sea level rise. In the hope that I can annoy Florida’s science-denying governor Rick Scott by flying in the face of his denial of science itself, I’ll print the truth for all Floridians (and others) to see: sea level rise is being caused by man-made climate change, also known as global warming.

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