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Florida Sea Level

Originally posted on Open Mind:

Since I am not an employee of the Florida state government under their science-denying governor Rick Scott, I’m allowed to say the following phrases: “climate change” and “global warming.”

I’m also able to mention those topics when discussing sea level rise. In the hope that I can annoy Florida’s science-denying governor Rick Scott by flying in the face of his denial of science itself, I’ll print the truth for all Floridians (and others) to see: sea level rise is being caused by man-made climate change, also known as global warming.

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The Oracle Report | Monday, May 4, 2015



The Oracle Report – Monday, May 4, 2015

“Paradise Found (Or The Second Renaissance Descends)” -Aries 2015 Lunar Month April 18-May 16, 2015



Monday, May 4, 2015

Full Moon Phase:realizations, illumination

Moon in Scorpio

Goddess of Wisdom:Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East)

Skill: see beyond the surface; imagine the possibilities

True Alignment: sea change and seeing the change, reaching forward, determination, courage, emerging manifestation of greatness, developing talents, wise to the ways of the streets, imagination used to transcend over situations, inner composure

Catalysts for Change:sensationalism, radicalism, propaganda, fear of showing true feelings, surface appearances, aggression, arguments, hot tempers, dirty deeds and deals, discomfort, anxiety, inability to endure

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month/Year: “the music of the spheres”

If a Second Renaissance was descending upon humanity, those that stand opposed to humanity would naturally fight back. This is what we are witnessing in the world right now.

In the midst, messages from higher sources surround us, waiting to be noticed. An important one was delivered over the weekend on Saturday, May 2 at 5:12 pm ET/9:12 pm UT with the coronal mass ejection of an asymmetrical solar filament. The CME empowered the energetic of the Sabian symbol for 28 degrees of Libra, “a man in deep gloom, unnoticed, angels come to his aid.”

The symbol is the energy of spiritual rescue. It also informs us that slowly we will see that things are getting better. We are beginning to see the data that tells us that our thoughts are creating the field around us and that guidance is on-tap at all times. We understand, at a new level, what co-creating with Spirit means. This is a fifth-dimensional property of consciousness – a playland for the mind to transform the nature of reality.

Today, the Moon will be moving into opposition with Mars, bringing heightened instincts and emotions (that can turn aggressive) but also a flood of creativity and peace. So we will aim for the creativity and peace dynamic as we acrobatically maneuver through this Full Moon phase. A good outlet for this particular energetic is to take care of details, weed out things, and improve the aesthetic of something. This is because Mars is located at the degree of the Sabian symbol of “a well-kept public park.”

We will keep our minds well-kept with the knowledge that things are actually getting better because they are coming into a new alignment – one that supports the value, goodness, and beauty of life. (Venus makes opposition with the Galactic Center today, so the force is strongly with us on this.)

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun today is “a man with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, braves a storm.” It may be storming out there, but it’s the kraken – the tyrannical monster, that is falling into the cold sea. Wise owls are well-prepared to hold the line as the old system is released from its hold.

I’m happy to announce Parliament of Wise Owls Radio! Check it out at Oracle Academy:


Note: Oracle Report readers knew a reaction from archontically-controlled forces with a potential false flag (the one yesterday in Garland, Texas) would come when it did (the Full Moon phase) because the ripeness for it was discussed in advance. Oracle Report readers knew the international bankers would likely implement economic changes during October 2015 before the IMF announced it because it was discussed in advance. These are just two of a long line of “predictions” that have been accurate since the Report began in 2009. There is no place like the Oracle Report on the internet. It has remained free and fully-funded by the people. Your support is what makes it happen and what will keep it going. Support us! Together, we are a force of free-minded humans collaborating with divine forces to paint the Second Renaissance.

ARCHIVE OFPHOENIX RISING RADIO show last week where the Full Moon energetics were discussed last week:


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Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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Cheep & Croak to You From the Astonishing Azores~


Thank you Cindy! Island culture always seems so vibrant and alive as if the sea brings out the colour, light and beauty in everything and everyone. I so love the way you capture the essence of the places and beings in your photos!

Originally posted on :

It was worth crossing the Atlantic to reach the amazing Azores. Just ask this little cheeper!
DSC04583 (1)
The islands are like a fantastic jungle garden of Eden.
Check out the trees,
and grottos!
The islands are volcanic and verdant.

Definitely worth croaking about!
It is especially nice visiting paradise when people are happy to see you!
There are vibrant towns with arts & culture just waiting for you to explore~
These historic islands are part of Portugal and have old European charm.
Cheers to you from the amazing Azores~
(Please excuse my being out of touch. Wifi is still hard to come by.)

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"TAURUS THE BULL" From wise owl SAvannah


The Oracle Report – Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Oracle Report – EXTENDED REPORT: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“Paradise Found (Or The Second Renaissance Descends)” -Aries 2015 Lunar Month April 18-May 16, 2015



Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic

Moon in Virgo

Goddess of Wisdom:Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of East)

Skill: spread warmth and goodwill

True Alignment:common history, connecting with old friends, nourishing the body and soul, connecting with soul families and like-minded people, healing self and helping others, bringing light to darkness, breaking illusions of division and duality, integration of many things, radical insight, spontaneity, rising above, guidance and reassurance from Spirit

Catalysts for Change:demonstrations of force and anger, pushing forward, extreme over-reactions, worries looping around the mind, psychological imbalance, refusing to see light, overworking, dragged down

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month/Astrological Year:“music of the spheres”

The leviathan magnetic filament that came from the East and had been building on the Sun for days erupted yesterday, producing a coronal mass ejection. The eruption streamed the energy associated with the Sabian symbol of “black and white children playing happily together.”

A blast of universal fellowship has been sent our way to help us see that division, separation, and segregation are illusions of perception. The fact that the filament’s energy was twisting (literally, producing solar “tornadoes”) and twirling like a giant whirling dervish for days and days only amplifies the powerful effect it will have on the collective of humanity.

We can align with this energetic with concerted focus on spreading warmth and goodwill to all. This would be activating a solar alignment – a wave that emanates from the heart and is in resonance with the music of the Great Sphere, the divine being embodied as our Sun.

Our fellowship with the Sun has taken on a new dimension now that we are in a new dimension. Everyone can participate by maintaining the mindset of goodwill. This becomes a skill when we can practice it is against strong odds, like those in place today with astrological aspects today that favor projection of fears, over-reactions, and coping difficulties. There is an unhelpful dose of moral righteousness peppered throughout, as well.

Today, we re-unite, re-align, re-tune, and re-bound. It’s the first Gibbous Moon phase of the new year, and Gibbous is the magical time of the month. Each of us is a song – music of the spheres – that plays in harmony with the orchestral fellowship of the cosmos. Can you feel it?

(Special thanks to Andrew for transcribing yesterday’s audio report, which is below.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Virgo (“Black Moon Day” – those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces undergo a process of tapping into personal power by facing fears and making friends with their shadow sides; exact conjunction of the Moon and Black Moon is Wednesday, April 29 at 7:35 am ET/11:35 am UT)

Goddess of Wisdom:Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands the Fields of The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East)

Skill: be acrobatic; recognize what is authentic/real through the fruit of actions, not appearance

True Alignment:corrections and repairs (especially to things that are “damaged” or were unnecessary) attention to detail, clues, things that are alternative, ultra-high levels of discernment, breaking limitations, elder people offering wisdom, something pointed out, being directed, direct and indirect action/effects that ripple love and light into the field of consciousness, multiplicity of choices or options

Catalysts for Change: causing damage, pretense, covering up, fooling through the focus on appearances, indecisive, difficulty maintaining focus (due to the number of things being highlighted and brought to attention), inflexibility when changes are presented, fear of not being good enough or qualified enough, minimizing what one has to offer the world, power grabs, projecting one’s feelings onto others

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month/Astrological Year:“the music of the spheres”

9:35 am ET: Due to the amount of information, today’s report is being recorded and will be posted at the top of the homepage ofwww.oraclereport.com shortly.

10:25 am ET: Audio report now posted.


So there was so much to talk about with today’s report and on all of the energetics that are involved, the main things to remember are that there are going to be a lot of things happening rather quickly. Things are going to be pointed out directly to us if we are paying attention, and also front-lined into the focus of consciousness of the collective of humanity. It’s on heightened alert visually right now and instinctually, because we have shifted into a new frequency; a new level of consciousness, the Fifth Dimension if you have followed my work and the audio recording for this lunar month.

So today this is an interesting set up because we are at the last day of the Black Moon disseminating the energy of the Sabian Symbol for seventeen degrees of Virgo, which is “a volcanic eruption”. And the moon will make its once a month conjunction with the black moon (the moon does this every month with the Black Moon) and today (well tomorrow morning, Wednesday Morning 7:35 AM) is the conjunction of that, and so this is the last day of the full energy of “a volcanic eruption.” And this has been in place since right after the new moon. So its expanding everything. There is an abundance of choices today and options. There are so many things going on and so many things to choose from. If you are faced with an important decision, you want to look at the fruit of someone’s actions. What they’ve produced and what their intention is. Not what the outer appearance of something is. Appearances fool today. It’s an imprint that the old system is manipulating right now to imprint energies into the field of consciousness.

It is 6 Days until the full moon actually into the full moon phase. So keep in mind it’s a Black moon day so everybody will be projecting their shadow sides, their own fears onto other people. Everybody will, not just people that have the Sun or the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces. Those folks will have the most intensive experience of the energetic, which could be rather overwhelming and difficult to cope with. So people should engage the skills of the Wise Owl, and the coping skills of being like the Wise Owl in the tree watching what’s happening. You need to ground stabilize and equalize when the shadow energies begin to come up so so high for us to recognize. So I always recommend going outside and connecting with nature. And that’s what will help with all of that. We can release all of those fears.

Fear has no place in the 5th Dimension. It’s disempowered. What works in the 5th Dimension is love. So let’s talk about how we can use that knowledge to handle the days that are coming up and the period of time that I want to highlight in this report, the main focus and the reason for recording all of this because so much was shown today that projects onto the future. Okay so we begin the Gibbous Moon phase tomorrow Wednesday April 29th at 10:55 PM EST. And so the moon will be at that degree/phase/angle with the Sun moving us into the Gibbous Phase. And the Moon will be fresh off of this conjunction with the Black Moon early in the morning. So it’s a flooding in of shadow side energy. Which brings us into the Gibbous Phase of the Moon.

And the Sabian Symbol for the Gibbous Phase of the Moon is “a flag at half mast.” And Tomorrow the Sun will be located at the Sabian Symbol of “a red cross nurse.” And the Earth will be located at the Sabian Symbol “a fellowship supper reunites old comrades/veterans.”

I don’t like this setup that opens the Gibbous Moon Phase of these energetics, especially coming off of “the volcanic eruption” of the Black Moon and all that transpired on Earth with that. AND the energetics, the intense energetics of the Sun right now; that prominence is still dancing and will most likely is going to collapse and produce a hydroflare and a CME. And that is a region of energy that has been building for many many days throughout the First Quarter Moon phase, which is the energy of Stepping Out and taking action. And is seems to be, its looking like old systems of the Old World Order is trying to respond to the energetic. And the opportunities that are implied within a Lunar Month that is the first of the year.

The Lunar Month is equivalent to one long New Moon phase, so everything that’s inserted during that month, everything that’s tried or even tested or balloons that are being sent over. Any type of imprint or intention into the field has energetics that play out throughout the remainder of the astrological year. So we watch everything that’s happening very closely and announcements about the reserve currency last week. They’re seeding a lot of intentions into the field. Well, the Gibbous Moon phase that begins tomorrow on the 29th will contain this energetics: of the Red Cross Nurse, A flag at half mast in front of a public building, and a fellowship supper reunites old comrades/veterans. I don’t like the setup for this and the energetic and the pretense and fooling by appearance false flag.

May 5th – 7th is highlighted. There will be a Grand Trine between Pluto, the Black Moon and the Sun.But keep this in mind. We have expansive energy happening and one element contained in this is the signature of Thor’s Hammer within this dynamic. And this is the special signature within astrology that talks about will and drive. It’s also called Gods Fist. You can look it up. It’s a Quadraform.

This says that all of the intentions that are being put in place, the seeds that are being put in place this lunar cycle to be unrolled the rest of the lunar year WON’T WORK because basically Thor’s Hammer is in place to maintain alignment with what is the reality of the 5th Dimension which is manifestation of consciousness that is based within love nature and value of life. If it is contrary to that then it isn’t going to be successful. But it will be tried because there really is no alternative for the other side.

That is a quick overview of what is going on. And also I guess it is a reminder for us that we are just aware of what is happening, watching the field but we know that it is changing so that the way that things appear now, it is not the end of the story. This is a process in motion, a transition in effect. So be aware of what’s happening. We maintain our grounded connection to the planet. We always keep it real. And observe.

So I hope you can tune in when I am on Phoenix’s show tonight. And we will talk more about this and how this is playing out in the geopolitical scene So I hope you can join us then.

Thanks everyone.

(Note: I will be Phoenix’s guest tonight, Tuesday, April 28, 10 pm – midnight ET/ 7-9 pm PT on Phoenix Rising Radio on Truth Frequency Network to discuss the latest. Hope you can join us!)

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The Oracle Report | Monday, April 27, 2015

FROM Wise owls maddy and jon taken in santa cruz while they are "vanning" around california


The Oracle Report – Monday, April 27, 2015

“Paradise Found (Or The Second Renaissance Descends)” -Aries 2015 Lunar Month April 18-May 16, 2015



Monday, April 27, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Leo/Virgo(9:07 pm ET/01:07 am UT Tuesday)

Goddess of Wisdom:Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Will: Ian (God of the East)

Skill: see what is missing or needed and direct time, energy, and resources to it

True Alignment:excitement, messages, things falling into place, opening up space for things to move, adjusting an improvising, peace, principles of the sacred feminine, reflection, ancient wisdom, putting things in a better order or organization, being able to recognize patterns of the future

Catalysts for Change: wasting energy on things/beliefs that are not important or true, mood swings, forcing things forward without taking a look at the situation, interruptions and technical difficulties, peskiness, feeling unsupported, not comprehending, things that are almost incomprehensible due to their depravity, rushing around, demanding needs be met right now, dictating

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month/Astrological Year:“the music of the spheres”

The descent of the Second Renaissance continues, with rivulets of clarity, inspiration, and motivation. What is streaming its way to you today?

Surges of energy from a magnetic filament that has been dancing for five days on the Sun are churning and whirling. Wild solar activity produces wild earth activity.

The effects are tectonic, in many ways. The ground shakes as it did in Nepal over the weekend. Napping volcanoes like Calbuco in Chile are spewing awake.

The effects are tectonic on us, too. Blockages (miasms) in the body are responding to the new energetics (the field of consciousness that is the fifth dimension) causing system/cell failures. Mental imbalance is causing people to “lose it” a little or a lot.

All of this is happening rapidly.

To maintain equilibrium, wise owls adapt within the energetics. One of the ways to do this is to open up to what is falling into your mind and falling in front of your path. In the fifth dimension of consciousness, the information field or source field is full and fertile and ripe and ready for us to extract and insert whatever we need and want. The adaptation (or mutation) that we are developing comes from the gradual recognition that the world around us – the dreaming of Gaia Sophia – is responding to us.

You can start testing this for yourself. Send out a mental request and see what comes back.

In the old world, today’s energetic of the Sabian symbol for the degree of the position of the Sun, “a sleigh without snow,” would have meant that it was hard to get things going – not enough fuel being available. In the new world, we jump above that conundrum by recognizing that a sleigh can be powered by things other than snow.

We can also imagine a snowstorm (of creativity?) directed in a way that brings energy/fuel to rectify the situation. The energetics don’t stop us; we can morph them so that they are more functional. In the new world, we say snow is missing and needed, so we tap the information field around us to “create” what’s missing. Fuel is missing from the situation, so we imagine it to create it. We can whip up a snowstorm in consciousness to get things moving forward. The act of doing this automatically prompts the mind to think about how the situation can be resolved because powerful mental energy is being directed toward it. Energy goes where attention flows. Then it becomes reflected in the “real world.”

Our minds are being opened and expanded in concrete ways that we’ve never experienced. Information, knowledge, guidance, opportunity, and wisdom are streaming around us, ready for us to tap into it. It’s a playful experience, best tuned into by releasing the need to control and embracing the real science of co-creation with Spirit. See what’s missing in situations and then imagine what would fix it. What is the universe streaming your way?

(Note: I will be Phoenix’s guest tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28 at 10 pm – midnight ET/ 7-9 pm PT on Phoenix Rising Radio to discuss the latest. Hope you can join us!)

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Copyright Oracle Report 2009 – 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Permission to repost is granted provided credit is given towww.oraclereport.com.



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Truthout Daily Digest | Monday, 27 April 2015

Suicide on the Great Sioux Nation

Jason Coppola, Truthout: A suicide state of emergency has been declared on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Lakota Nation is coming together to deal with historical trauma, and find strength and hope for their youth.

Read the Article and View the Photos

Now Is the Time for the Progressive Movement to Win

Leslie Thatcher, Truthout: Salvatore Babones talks with Truthout about his new book, the significance of social science in formulating social and economic policy and the urgent need for new and different US policies for everything from employment to education to health care.

Read the Interview

New York Airport Workers Strike, Telling Management “Poverty Wages Don’t Fly”

Matt Surrusco, Truthout: Airport baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants calling for higher wages, more affordable benefits and union representation rallied outside LaGuardia Airport on Thursday, accompanied by labor organizers and members of the union they hope to join.

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Confronting Brunch

Peter Frase, Truthout: When Black Lives Matter protesters chose to interrupt the comfortable Sunday tradition of brunch by reading aloud the names of police-murdered Black men to restaurant-goers, it opened the door to a serious analysis of this curious culinary phenomenon.

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Vermont Activists Battle Democratic Governor for Single-Payer Health Care

Steve Early, In These Times: Bitter recriminations over Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin’s health care retreat have morphed into broader controversies about workers’ rights, contract concessions and a state austerity budget.

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Food Stamps Are Worth Double at These Michigan Farmers Markets – Helping Families and Local Businesses

Araz Hachadourian, YES! Magazine: The USDA is putting $31 million behind a program that helps low-income families take home twice the veggies, and local farmers make twice the money.

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The Glyphosate Saga and “Independent Scientific Advice,” According to Germany, the UK and France

Staff, Corporate Europe Observatory: Germany is charged by the EU with the safety review of glyphosate, yet three scientists sitting on its scientific panel on pesticides are employees of BASF and Bayer, two major pesticides producers. Meanwhile, the UK has simply privatized its governmental Food and Environment Research Agency.

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Crisis, Opportunity and Climate Austerity in Drought-Stricken California

Kate Aronoff, Waging Nonviolence: The drought problem California is facing is a microcosm of sorts for climate change itself, and all the more reason why adequately confronting it has implications well beyond the state’s borders.

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To Defend the Environment, Support Social Movements Like Berta Caceres and COPINH

Jeff Conant, Inter Press Service: If the world is going to reduce the destructive environmental and social impacts that too often accompany economic development, we need to do all we can to recognize and support the peasant farmers, Indigenous Peoples and social movements that put their lives on the line to stem the tide of destruction.

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PETA’s Cruel and Unusual Crush

Jill Richardson, OtherWords: Joe Arpaio, the hardline anti-immigrant sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, prides himself on making jail a miserable place to be. Why would PETA ever pal around with this guy? Because Arpaio took meat off his prisoners’ menu.

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Memories of Galeano’s Fire: My Afternoon With the Late Uruguayan Writer

Danny Postel, Pulse Media: “My heart has been heavy since learning over the weekend of the death of the radical and marvelously lyrical Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, whom I had the enormous pleasure of meeting some 20 years ago,” the author writes in this tribute to the late Galeano.

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This week in Speakout:

Dean Baker highlights The Washington Post’s message to readers that the elite “will lie, cheat and steal to pass their trade deals”; Jesse Hagopian spotlights Garfield High School teacher Heather Robison’s conscientious test objector declaration; Tom H. Hastingsreflects on Earth Day as a holiday with an agenda; Jack A. Smith remembers the earthshaking lesson the United States experienced in Vietnam; Stacy Malkan examines how the media fell for a GMO front group attack; Matt Peppe explains why Cuba won’t extradite Assata Shakur; Brian Terrell celebrates how activists are making history and building a future in the Nevada desert; James Dorsey reports on Israel’s racism-related soccer woes; David Swanson analyzes the “gradual injustice” of drone warfare; Evaggelos Vallianatos memorializes Audrey Moore’s battle against the carcinogens that ultimately killed her; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary will return soon.

Nepal Terrorized by Aftershocks That Stymie Relief Efforts

Read the Article at The New York Times

Dallas Cops Killed a Man Within Seconds of Arriving at His Door; They Won’t Face Criminal Charges

Read the Article at ThinkProgress

“Freddie Gray Was Me”: Frustration With Police Simmers After Death in Baltimore

Read the Article at The Guardian

Declassified: Report on NSA Surveillance Flares Up Battle for Privacy

Read the Article at RT

Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit in Border Patrol Shooting of Mexican Teen

Read the Article at El Paso Times

For-Profit Corinthian Colleges to Shut Down More Than Two Dozen Remaining Schools

Read the Article at the Los Angeles Times

Glenn Greenwald: The Key War on Terror Propaganda Tool – Only Western Victims Are Acknowledged

Read the Article at The Intercept

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Truthout Daily Digest | Sunday, 26 April 2015

Indigenous People Occupy Brazil’s Legislature, Protesting Bill’s Violation of Land Rights

Santiago Navarro F. and Renata Bessi, Truthout: Indigenous people from across Brazil recently occupied space in front of the country’s legislature, protesting a proposed constitutional amendment that would transfer the decision-making power to demarcate indigenous territories to Brazil’s legislature, which protesters fear could lead to corporate land grabs.

Read the Article and View the Photos

Racial Inequality and the Economics of Social Justice

Max Eternity, Truthout: Markers of economic and social inequality abound, so it should come as no surprise that US institutions are ripe with racial injustice, including the extrajudicial killing of Black men by police.

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John and Harriet: Still Mysterious

Cass Sunstein, The New York Review of Books: Mill and Hayek help to define the liberal tradition, but in both temperament and orientation, they could not be further apart. Mill was in some ways a radical. Hayek was not exactly a conservative, but he generally venerated traditions and long-standing practices.

Read the Book Review

The TPP: Toward Absolutist Capitalism

Lambert Strether, Naked Capitalism: The Trans-Pacific Partnership implies a form of absolute rule and enshrines capitalization as a principle of jurisprudence. The threat against sovereignty is an issue where the grassroots on left and right can unite.

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Clinton’s Weak Campaign Finance “Pillar”

Rob Hager, Truthout: Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance soundbite stirred attention, but disclosure of money in politics and constitutional amendment advocacy are well-worn diversions from the strategies needed to overcome plutocracy.

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$1.7 Billion Needed to Improve Ebola-hit Countries’ Health Care, Says Oxfam

Valentina Ieri, Inter Press Service: Oxfam urges the international community to invest in stronger public services, and to help local people to recover from the immediate psychological, social and economic impacts left by the disease.

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We’re All in This Together – Let’s Start Acting Like It

David Doody, Ensia: As we exacerbate extreme weather, plasticize and acidify oceans, clear-cut forests, pollute the air, destroy biodiversity, deplete and pollute water and more, we fail to ensure the continuation of the systems that make vibrant and healthy lives for future generations possible.

Read the Article

Where’s the Justice for Glenn Ford?

Lily Hughes, Socialist Worker: The state of Louisiana stole 30 years of Glenn Ford’s life, and released him from prison with just $20 in his pocket. Now the state is fighting a measly compensation of a little over $300,000 to Ford.

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Free the Buses: Riders Say Transit Is a Human Right

Amy Roe, Equal Voices: On March 1, King County, Washington, made international headlines when it introduced a reduced fare for low-income people. The transit movement is one response to the “affordability gap” – a growing chasm between what workers are paid and what it costs to get to work.

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Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”

Marcy Wheeler, Expose Facts: CIA Director Leon Panetta decided to partner with Hollywood to write a selective version of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and the rest of the CIA and DOD had to fall in line, going so far as exposing some of the SEAL team members’ identities.

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Does Fast Track Supporter Earl Blumenauer Also Support Israeli Settlements?

Robert Naiman, Truthout: Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer – who has been endorsed by J Street, spoke at the J Street conference and has been praised by J Street Portland for his support of the two-state solution, is apparently also a “Two-Stater In Name Only.”

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The BuzzFlash commentary will return soon.

Nepal Earthquake: Death Toll Exceeds 900

Read the Article at The Guardian

Two Huge Magma Chambers Spied Beneath Yellowstone National Park

Read the Article at Science News

Eight States Dealing With Huge Increases in Fracking Earthquakes

Read the Article at EcoWatch

In Stealth Move, Congress Backs Israeli Right’s War on Settlement Boycotts

Read the Article at Forward

World Group Seeks Ban on Uranium and Nuclear Power

Read the Article at Climate News Network

The Surprise Issue of the 2016 Election?

Read the Article at Campaign for America’s Future

European Officials May Be Pushing a Regime Change in Greece

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America


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