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Subtle and Overt Attacks on the Goddess, Nature, and the Sacred Feminine

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Thank you Laura! I have been noticing this for so long as well. As much as I have always been drawn to the idea of a Shift of the Ages such as the new age movement purports to promote-this exact problem including the co-optation of Native cultures has kept me perpetually “at arms length”. Always skirting the edges, with mixed fascination and repulsion. The anti-reptiles shtick is especially creepy to me. After myriad attempts to explain the complete insanity of “reptilian armies” , the relationship of the ancient and primal in brains and in life to our most essential nature, I realized it wasn’t *confusion*. The very structure of the movement is colonized. It requires an “enemy” to villify and project all the negativity and hate onto (that is so carefully excised from our minds and lives).
Women are powerful-as is Nature. I agree strongly with the comment above about this being backlash against the progress we have made and are making. Just as cutting forests and paving paradise won’t stop the awesome power of Nature in hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc neither will the mental programming and skewed worldview stop the tsunami of change that is already rising. I’m grateful for your clarity in elucidating this. It has much less power when we can clearly see the control mechanisms at work.

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In an uncharacteristic pattern, I’ve been working on this post for a couple weeks. Normally, if I don’t finish in one go, then the post gets deleted or forever floats in limbo. I signed on yesterday with the intent to delete this one as too obvious, too alarmed, or too unnecessary. Then, I stumbled upon so many attacks on Nature, the Goddess and everything associated with the Feminine that I realized I needed to finish this piece and post it. You see, the attacks weren’t just coming from men and the military industrial complex; they were also spouting from the mouths and keyboards of people who usually recognize and honor the Sacred and Divine Feminine, especially the Mother Goddess energies responsible for creation, seasons, nurturing, and growth. I post the following links as examples of just how insidious and desperate the attempts have become to eradicate the very principle of…

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