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The lies that fools us: A confrontation with the LGBTQI community

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I have been devastated recently by feeling forced to choose between my own perspective and the sanctified groupthink. To choose between support for trans individuals and support for womyn’s spaces and issues. I love this author. Her clarity and unapologetic expression of her own well reasoned perspective inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

The DaddiGirl Griot

“When you assume you make an ass out of you and me”, “Your silence will not protect you”, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” and “People see and hear what they want to believe” are the testaments I live by. Hold on to your hats humans because the DaddiGirl Griot is about slay some demons and spill some tea. But first a little background story.

My mother said I turned “butch” at the tender age of four and politely announced that those cute little dresses she’d put me in no longer suited me and interfered with my tomboy lifestyle of playing in the swamp, climbing dirt mounds and wiffle ball. My mother Aurora is a preacher’s daughter and a devout Christian who you might have expected to be horrified by my pronouncement…but my mother was different, ahead of her time, reared by a minister who was…

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