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New Post on High Heart Life | Denise le Fey

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Denise has done it again-managed to sort out the immensely confused chaotic energies of our present reality and explain what’s really going on for those of us consciously working to embody the NEW.

Today’s Oracle Report discusses the imprinted energies that may tend to foster despair and self recriminations. I really appreciate Denise bringing this clarity right now today.

It is so important to remind ourselves that much of what we are accomplishing remains yet in the unseen. It’s too easy in colonized culture to feel bad about ourselves, to blame ourselves for perceived failures and missed opportunities.

The culture programs us in fact to do exactly that. But because reality is much bigger, more complex, amazing and colourful than the colonized mindset can encompass, that negativity is truly unwarranted.

From a spiritual perspective there are no failures. Each seeming misstep turns our journey onto paths we might otherwise have missed.

Sure a lot of these paths may feel less than beautiful to walk but all it takes is a shift in perspective to recognize that the inherent beauty of All That Is never leaves us-it us ever present everywhere, at all times.

Thank you, Denise! And all of you who keep going and maintaining your faith in spite of all the Old World Order/Team Dark/the colonized society throw in your path to stop you.

The Ongoing Shift: Navigating our way through the Removal of Team Dark’s old Negative Distortions

by Denise

I’ve shared many times in past articles both here and at TRANSITIONS that the Forerunners of the Forerunners and then the rest of the Forerunners always live, experience, are deeply effected by and energetically and physically embody the NEW energies first; those NEW energies being the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s energetic Blueprints or NEW ‘Light Codes’ etc. However, […]

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Denise | October 20, 2014 at 11:18 AM | Tags: death of the old patriarchal systems, difficulties of 2014, embodying the NEW Light Energies in 2014,forerunners, Higher Self & lower self merging process, increasing instability of lower consciousness, Lightworkers,removal of the old negative Dark Mother distortions, Team Light Timeline workers, time jumping between old lower and NEW higher energies,unaware humans used negatively,walking between the old & NEW worlds & people | Categories: NEW Consciousness NEW Worlds | URL:http://wp.me/p3TaTL-GM

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