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Who Is Really Vladimir Putin? This May Surprise You!

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Thank you Lada! I trusted my “gut feeling” or instinct that Putin was a good man despite the cartoon caricatures he was portrayed with in U.S. media. I’m so grateful for your insights and clear reporting so others can see how deeply corrupt and “yellow” the majority of our media have become. I strongly believe that despite appearances both Putin and Obama are good men who intend to further global peace and an end to the oligarchs corrupt control of our planet. Because they are both intelligent and capable of “playing along” with the powers that were in order to accomplish their long term goals, I have greater confidence in our collective future.
They are playing the chess game from Harry Potter only much larger and with higher stakes, and against opponents who habitually lie and cheat. Luckily, they seem to share Harry and Hermione’s level of intellect, courage and backing by magical unseen forces;-)

Futurist Trendcast

As the anti-Russian howling and barking of the American MSM and politicians gets more and more deafening, as the anti-Russian sanctions get more and more audacious and the vilifying of Russia and Putin goes into an overdrive, perhaps there are other voices out there as well. The presstitutes of the Western MSM won’t give the podium to these voices, furtively pretending they don’t exist. Even some of the so-called alternative media in the US is anti-Russian, or is timidly shying away from the subject.

But different voices, although quiet, do exist. Is this proof that perhaps there are some healthy and honest forces still left in the USA? Below are recollections of those Americans who actually met Putin well before his rise, during the turbulent and disastrous 1990s. Who is really Vladimir Putin? What you’ll read below may surprise you!

Thank you – Spasibo –to Paul Plane of The Plane…

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