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The Oracle Report Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action, expression
Moon: Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

Today we have a particular mission to take the sting out of all the Scorpio energy that is in the air.
Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was the “ruler” of Scorpio. So Scorpio carries signatures of both Mars and Pluto, prompting themes of anger, aggression, masculinity, and domination. Mars is still located at the degree known as “a volcanic eruption” today, and the Moon has moved into Aries, Mars’ home sign, enhancing the lava flow. Anger and aggression continue to pool.

There are two things to keep in mind. First, if we don’t handle our anger, it turns inward and morphs into depression. Depression is always about anger. So if you are depressed, figure out what you are angry about and deal with it. Angry feelings need to be moved through the body, so we must take action in order to process anger. This does not necessarily mean confrontation. Writing feelings in a journal is action. A walk in nature is action. The point is to avoid getting stuck.

Second, the higher octave of Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) energy is transformation that leads to new beginnings. Through a process of alchemy, the addition of Pluto to the Scorpionic energy takes it from its base state and turns it into something else – something better, more refined, golden. The transmutation of the aggressive, angry, and impulsive energy into focused, sustained, and creative energy is our goal today. In other words, take the force behind the energy and direct it toward something positive. With time, lava flows can become islands that teem with life.

Next year, when the Sun returns to today’s location, there will be a line of energy that is pure, refined power – raw energy available for building life in alignment with Gaia Sophia. We are inserting that line today and this is what we do every day when we twist the energy in on itself and bust up the old pattens. The old pattern wants us to fall into it today. It isn’t even a trap – it’s a pit! Don’t succumb to low level passive aggression, angry outbursts, or victimhood. Do this energy a different way.

Venus and Pluto continue to move toward exact conjunction on Friday, pulling all of this angry energy in the direction of relationships. Because the conjunction takes place in Capricorn, control issues are added to the already-volatile mix. Make sure you are not projecting your shadow side [core fear] onto others. We throw onto others that which we cannot face in ourselves.

Today, spiritual warriors answer the call to respect, protect, and express the innate goodness of our humanity.


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