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The Oracle Report Saturday, April 13 – Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Saturday: New Moon Phase Sunday: Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

This weekend the Moon moves into Gemini, joining the Black Moon in opposition to the Galactic Center. The transit of the Black Moon to the GC brings face to face encounters with shadow sides – others’ and our own. When we face shadow sides, we are staring directly at fear – nothing else.

We can stare at fear. We can stare it down actually. There is nothing we cannot face because we are cradled in the protection of the planet herself – a divine being embodied in physicality. We have direct interface with Sophia to face whatever comes our way. Sophia’s emissary, the aspect of her personality known as Chinnamasta blesses us with strength to see what we don’t want to see as the energy of the Black Moon works on us.

It is a good idea to learn about the core fear encapsulated by your natal Black Moon. You can look up your birthday in the Index of my book on the Black Moon (free on the “Books” tab) to see which sign your Black Moon is located in and then read the section about the Black Moon in that sign. This will unveil your shadow so that it can be integrated into consciousness.

I talk a lot about the personal power/resources that are tied up in our shadows. If we are unaware of the nature of our shadows, the slightest touch to it causes us to react very, very strongly, usually by projecting onto to other people. So knowing how much power is there tells us how intense situations can become this weekend. Things can go far out of bounds far too quickly.

To counter the intensity, keep things as simple and clear as possible. Communicate very specifically. If something triggers a strong emotional response in you, take time to sit with a while and let it marinate before you engage it. It is hard to do this under Black Moon transits, but it is the wise thing to do.

This transit will last one month. When we come to the other side of it, the metamorphosis/upgrade that ensued with the New Moon will be complete. Until then, we need to recognize that we are in transition and are adjusting to new levels of awareness, sensitivity, and wisdom.

How much light can we hold? We’re going to find out.


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