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La Lengua del Colibrí

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Thank you Cindy! I am amazed at the clear, close up shots you managed of these hyperspeed wonders.

Please click to enlarge. Although hummingbirds are at The Holler year round, the spring migration brings greater numbers of hummers to The Holler.
Today I was trying to get some photos of elusive hummingbird tongues, something I had heretofore been unable to do.
I wrote the title in spanish because it sounds kinda gross and tacky in english……
Anyhoo, guess what? I was successful!
So sit back and take a gander at la lengua del colibri! (You really need to click to enlarge to see clearly).
You can see the tongue extending from the front of the beak.
Hummingbird tongues are grooved on the sides, enabling the bird to store nectar on the tongue and then swallow it. The grooves allow the birds to gulp nectar down at a fast and furious rate. Something I always see them doing.
Their tongues are very long allowing hummingbirds to reach deep into…

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