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The Slimebags of the Adelson/Koch “Tea Party” Have Done it Again

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Thank you for posting this Jean! Wherever it originated this is an example if the pointlessly nasty defamatory lies that are constantly forwarded by people who choose ignorance, negativity and hate. These emails are sickening attacks nit only on the targets they knowingly slander but on the frequency/vibrational level and mood of any sane recipient.
It is inexcusable to forward hate filled messages like this. They are obviously lies but more important is that they do nothing goid, loving or positive. They only serve to increase hate fear and depression ie lower the vibration of the Earth.
I’ve seen more hate based forwards about President Obama than any other type of forwarded email combined and I strongly suspect this is due mainly to disguised racism.
I am glad Gordon Duff called these uncaring thoughtless people on their STS behavior. Someone needed to !!

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