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DutchSinse video October 12, 2013


DutchSinse and friends approached by Thelemites, White Dragon Society, OPPT about redistribution of global central banking funds and possible new world order.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

2 thoughts on “DutchSinse video October 12, 2013

  1. I listened to the video, yet all I gathered from it is that it is a weird concept. What is your thinking on this? Not much is making sense to me.

    • My perception after watching the video is that it appears that the majority of information especially the kind involving promises of benefits such as free money, societal and governmental changes just handed to us with no work (Or control) from us are coming from the various factions of the cabal/elite/1%/illuminati.

      The different groups attract good people who believe in the positive aspects that fit with their world view and are unaware of the history of the originators of the ideas or goals involved.

      It seems to me we are being given options to choose from that ALL represent continued slavery wherein our only “vote” or power is to choose which longstanding nefarious group of wealthy thugs we wish to be enslaved by.

      I suspected as much when I first started exploring these alternative new age sites with “insider information”, channeling and so many individuals and groups claiming to represent aliens, “positive military groups”, resistance movements, God etc but I wanted to keep an open mind.
      I am not sure but it seems to me ths that they are vying for power and control among the groups that have long held power thru behind the scenes manipulation.

      Right now because of the Shift we have the ability to create our own future but if we fall for tricks and manipulation that lead us to give our focus and our energy to those groups plans we will keep them in power and ourselves enslaved.

      They don’t want us to recognize our own power and ability to create.

      They don’t want us to focus inward and achieve enlightenment/personal growth/ascension because when we do that we not only escape their control-we take away our energy from fueling their plans.
      I hope that people will realize how much is being done to manipulate and distract us because if we don’t fall for it our collective power to create the positive change we all want can bring real change very quickly instead of these managed and controlled “changes” that lead to more of the same.

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